For the past 35 years Versace Investment Group has helped countless property owners obtain different levels of financial and lifestyle freedom by learning how we can be of best service to you. We base our success on our ability to help you achieve your goals by converting your property into CASH.

Whether you have managed the property for years and are ready to retire, or you are simply ready to move on to a new chapter of your life, we will give you the ability to do so by making you an offer, and closing on your property according to whatever timeline best suits you.

Versace Investment Group primarily focuses on the acquisition of multifamily properties in markets that show an increasing level of job and population growth. It is our goal to acquire properties that have the potential to increase revenues through different value add scenarios in hopes of increasing the profitability of the overall investment.

We target specific markets and become engrained in said markets in order to give us the competitive advantage needed in today’s environment to provide the most favorable returns for both our investors, as well as the owners we acquire our properties from. Through a disciplined investment approach and superior asset management we are able to secure outstanding returns for our investors, thus increasing their overall wealth.

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Who We Are

Rick Versace | Managing Partner

Rick Versace Jr. | Managing Partner